Know about Frontier in your area

Frontier offers high speed and fiber optic internet, Television and home phone services through 29 countries. It helps you get the best WiFi for your home letting you enjoy an incredible digital experience. Based on your location, you might have access to more than one of 3 Frontier services:

  • Frontier FiOS
  • Vantage from Frontier
  • Frontier High Speed net

Frontier plans are crafted to match any spending budget while maintaining the maximum quality service.

Where is Frontier FiOS available?
Call our Connect-tivity TV and internet pros today to find out which border services and packages relating, WiFi for your home available. Frontier FiOS is available in select regions of Texas, California, Florida, Oregon and Washington.
Which Frontier services are available in my area?
Availability is enlarging, so call today to enquire about border WiFi for your home in your area. Frontier provides home internet service in 29 countries, but which service your address is qualified for will vary.
Why are fast upload speeds important?
Use Connect-tivity to find which services can be found in your area so you can get connected to WiFi for your home. Frontier FiOS internet is distinctive in that it delivers fast download and upload speeds. Fast upload speeds are vital to sending large documents, video conferencing, on-line games and more.
What is Frontier FiOS?
FiOS is the fiber optic service. Frontier FiOS internet and Television are delivered over a 100 percent fiber network, which may deliver faster speeds and more bandwidth than cable or DSL services. So wait no more, and call up to avail the most speeded up and interrupted WiFi for your home.
What is Vantage by Frontier?
Vantage is a brand of Frontier services which includes Television, Broadband Internet and Home Phone Services offering WiFi for your home too. Individual services and packet packages are readily available. Call to learn more.
Is Frontier FiOS the same as Verizon?
In a latest Frontier acquired the rights to the existing fiber networks in Texas, California and Florida, which have been formerly owned by Verizon. The services available in these areas remain the same, but the Frontier is the provider.