What is cable internet?

Cable internet is a connection to the online type using the same cable which connects to your Television. Since the cable used by your Television provides much more bandwidth than phone lines, cable net is a lot faster than DSL. Most cable providers offer cable and online packages at a discounted rate based on internet connections near you. Which means you may easily save money by bundling your Television cell phone and online services via the same cable provider.n

Advantages and Disadvantages of cable internet

  • No home phone is required to get cable internet
  • So long as you’re hooked into the network, you might anticipate a fantastic connection
  • Cable net offers speeds much faster than dial-up and DSL internet
  • Get service for a price that meets your spending budget and remains steady
  • Available and easily connected in most areas
  • Reduced net speeds during peak usage times because you’ll share a connection with customers in your area
  • Most cable net providers have data caps and might throttle your net speed or charge additional fees when the maximum has been hit
  • The more devices connected, the slower your internet speeds

Choosing your cable internet provider

When comparing internet connections near you, bear in mind significant features like:

Internet plans from various internet connections near you can differ considerably in price. Often times, local cable companies might have comparable pricing and will be your best bet for inexpensive online service.
Available speeds
Think about your online browsing habits and the number of people will be using your internet-connected apparatus when choosing your net speed. Incompatible speeds might lead to service disturbances like lag and buffering.
Equipment fees
Most internet connections near you offer completely free equipment rental or discounted pricing with certain plans or cable net bundles. Some providers might charge fees for modem and router rental which could make service less affordable than you expected.
Unexpected service contracts can leave you stuck with a provider for more than you want relating to the internet connections near you. Make sure to read the fine print on your service arrangement to see whether there’s a term limit on your service, or what fees you could incur if you cancel.
You might be eligible for additional bonuses like security software, Wi-Fi hotspot accessibility and more with your cable services.

For more specific info on cable internet providers and internet connections near you, give Connect-tivity® a telephone today. We’ll help you compare cable internet pricing, speeds and more near you.

Best Internet Providers


  • Speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Data cap of 1 TB/mo.
  • Access to more than 500,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide


  • Speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Data caps vary by plan
  • Free Total Defense Internet Security Suite
  • Hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspot locations


  • Speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Free modem and DVR equipment
  • Thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide


  • Speeds up to 2,000 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • Monthly modem rental fee
  • Millions of nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot

Distinguishing amongst internet connections near you might be complicated as most consumers are restricted to the cable providers that service their region. If you’re looking for unlimited information with your cable internet service, providers like Optimum, Spectrum or even XFINITY can be best for you. Speed ranges from cable net providers will change dependent upon where you’re located. Give Connect-tivity a telephone to determine which providers, speeds and plans are available near you.

Customer satisfaction with cable internet

When you look at reviews of internet connections near you from real consumers, popular providers like AT&T, Cox, Spectrum and XFINITY rank well amongst other types of internet providers. All are ranked in a range of 60 to 69 out 100, with the highest score of 69 going to AT&T Internet and the lowest score of 60 going to XFINITY. A fiber internet provider (Verizon Fios) earns the best internet review with a first place score of 71. Cable internet providers take second and third place, as well as a majority of the remaining top 10 spots. Check out more internet service provider reviews from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of internet user is cable internet best for?
Cable internet is best for the moderate online user. This link type is best if you use the internet for Internet browsing, streaming videos or music, gaming and video chats.
What’s the best alternative to cable internet?
If a cable connection to the internet is not right for your browsing habits, consider satellite, DSL or fiber net instead. Each link type has its advantages. Use Connect-tivity to locate internet connections near you and see what's available.
What if cable internet isn’t available in my area?
If you are unable to store cable internet near you, you might be found in a region where satellite, DSL is or fiber links are the only options. Compare and contrast links to select the best online option for you.
What is bandwidth and how does it affect my cable internet service?
Bandwidth usually refers to how much info your online signal can transmit in a given period of time. The more bandwidth your net has, the easier it'll be to keep your favorite online activities such as streaming, gaming and much more through internet connections near you.
Is cable internet service prone to disruptions?
You will typically only experience disruptions in service through strong weather conditions or times of high online traffic associated to internet connections near you. You or your family members will be sharing bandwidth with users around you, so speed decrease depends on the number of devices and individuals are utilizing the connection at one time.
Do I need cable TV to get cable internet?
Many internet connections near you such as XFINITY and Spectrum offer stand-alone cable internet, and that means you won't have to sign up for additional services. But, bundling with either Television or telephone can help you save money on your monthly invoices.