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US Crime Figures

Families and homes tend to be as susceptible to home security threats as ever, with loopholes in technology leaving room for easy access to what you love most. In 2017:

  • 7,694,086 property offenses occurred nationwide
  • $15.3 billion was projected in declines by victims of property crimes
  • 1,250,983 burglary cases were reported
  • 67 percent of burglary cases occurred at home
  • 33% of burglary cases occurred throughout the daytime
  • $2,416 was the average property value taken through one burglary

How to pick a home security provider

Home security companies offer you a whole lot of great perks up front, however it therefore, generally the small print details which make all the difference. Here are some things to look for that will make or break your home security encounter:

24/7 Professional MonitoringIncluded equipment and warrantiesReliable customer support and fast response timeHome automation features
A fantastic home alarm system is nothing without someone to take action during a crisis. Make sure to pick a home security company that offers professional monitoring of your alarm system even whenever you’re off.Many home security companies incorporate standard equipment along with monitoring services to their monthly price. Some plans give you the option to customize your plan with additional fees for every set of equipment you add.Customer satisfaction with home security systems frequently depends on great client support and quick response times to alarms if difficulties should arise.Home automation is a great way to get all the functions of your home alarm system from the comfort of your couch or from throughout the country. Home security companies, such as Cox Homelife, incorporate home automation within their security systems to get a well-connected home which gives you full control.

Discover uppermost home security companies in your area

Our experts at Connect-tivity may help you save time looking for home security companies in your area. Quickly and conveniently compare home security costs, contract agreements and comprised equipment to make a more informed decision for your home and family. Below are a few major home security companies which could be available near you.

  • Vivint – Best for home automation
  • SimpliSafe – Best basic system
  • ADT – Most popular provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home automation and how does it affect my home security system?
Home automation permits you set an automatic schedule or control many functions in your house, such as utilizing your smartphone or house to turn lights on/off, arm/disarm your home alarm system and lock/unlock doors, among other smart house capabilities. Many home security company systems and monitoring programs, like Cox Homelife, provide home automation features to better connect customers to their systems. Nevertheless, these might not be accessible at all packet levels and might require additional cost.
How much does home security cost?
Home security equipment and monitoring can fluctuate widely depending on which supplier and plan you choose. You will also have to factor in the cost of installation if self-installation isn't an option. If you need extra equipment like security cameras, additional sensors and smart home characteristics, these add ons will also increase on a monthly basis cost of service.
How does a security system work?
Most home security companies utilize electronic devices that communicate with a central control panel to defend against burglary along with other threats in the house. When the system is equipped, motion sensors, which might consist of door and window sensors, communicates with the control panel to warn of possible violations or possible dangers. If any one of those electronic devices are triggered, the control panel receives an alert of a prospective home intrusion.
How does home security alarm monitoring work?
It is going to then sound a high decibel alarm and if your house security bundle includes monitoring solutions, the control panel with also notify the security monitoring firm. Monitored home security systems communicate with in house or 3rd party tracking centers when an anti-theft alarms or other threats are detected by detectors. This communication may happen by mobile signal, broadband net or landline phone connection, based on who your home security business is and which kind of tracking plan you choose. When this happens, your home security company will contact emergency personnel to respond. They might also attempt to contact you by telephone or cell application to confirm it is not a false alarm.