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Shopping for home services at a new address?

In Connect-tivity we can help you install internet, Television, security and much more in your new home. Just make one telephone call and we'll locate the top bargains and Phone Company services in your area. Enter your address to shop on-line or call our home services experts now to order.

Submit your change of address form

Whenever you move, you would like your email to move with you. To do that, submit your official change of address type through USPS. You may do that in person in the post office or online. But, the simplest way to modify your address is by filling it online. It can take only minutes and you instantly get an e-mail confirmation of the change. Following the post office accepts your change of address, any email sent to the old address will be redirected to your new address. This will help you reach phone company services in your area way too quicker. This email delivery service lasts one year for first class mail and sixty days for periodicals and magazines. It also helps some senders know they will need to upgrade their databases on their backend to use your new address.n