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Choose satellite TV for your home

Satellite TV service is a good choice whether you are looking for a basic TV package or one piled with premium channels, sports networks and much more. Additionally to channel package assortment, satellite Television also provides high excellent image and sound, advanced DVR technology and exceptional accessibility. The two largest satellite TV suppliers, DISH and DIRECTV, offer Television service during all 50 states, which means you can probably get satellite service near you wherever you live. Use Allconnect shop for satellite TV packages available in your town.

Compare top satellite TV providers in your area

DISH and DIRECTV propose parallel satellite TV services, but pricing, available channels and DVR equipment differ by satellite service near you. Compare DISH and DIRECTV and order the best satellite TV service for your home with Allconnect. Use Allconnect shop for satellite TV packages available in your town. Shop satellite Television packages and Find out more about exclusive offers, such as National Football League Sunday ticket from DIRECTV, with Allconnect.

Bundle satellite TV and internet

Call to hear about the satellite Television packages and special satellite service near you. Bundling internet with your DISH or DIRECTV satellite Television package is easy. While neither satellite Television provider offers online directly, you are able to join them with an online plan from leading suppliers in your area. Call Allconnect to construct your satellite Television and internet bundle with suppliers like:
  • AT&T
  • Cox
  • CenturyLink
  • Frontier
  • HughesNet
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon

Is satellite TV better than cable?

Satellite and cable are just two popular selections for TV service. While both the satellite and the cable will give you comparable channel bundles and image quality, then there are a number of differences in between the two. Here are a few factors to contemplate when comparing satellite Television and cable.

PackagesPricingDVR equipmentContract
Satellite Television offers more package options than most satellite service near you besides, you'll probably have more add-on package options with satellite Television, which means you may get more sport, premium and international stations. In case you are searching for a basic package with little more than a local stations, however, cable could be your better option.Monthly prices for satellite Television can run lower compared to cable, particularly inside the first couple of years of service. After that, cost increase can bring your satellite Television up to higher than what you'd pay for a comparable cable package. Pricing will vary by provider and location, therefore it is best to shop satellite service near you when deciding on a home TV service.Satellite Television boasts a few of the most advanced DVR equipment available. You can record up to 16 shows at once with DISH and up to 5 shows at once with DIRECTV. Cable providers usually vary from listing 2-6 shows at once. Satellite TV frequently comes along with a contract of one or two years. Cable service might want a contract, however some, like Spectrum, don't call for a contract at all.

Frequently asked questions about satellite TV

Will my satellite TV signal go out in bad weather?
Inclement weather like heavy rain, snow and acute cloud cover can cause a temporary loss of signal. Remember that such instances are usually uncommon, and both DISH and DIRECTV have 99% sign reliability.
Is satellite TV equipment and installation expensive?
Satellite Television providers like DISH and DIRECTV often consist of pick gear like the satellite dish, mounting hardware, cables, etc., at no extra price. Standard installation services are also usually included at no cost.
Can I get satellite TV without installing a satellite dish?
A satellite dish is required for traditional DISH and DIRECTV satellite TV services. But if you don't want a satellite dish or are limited from installing one, DIRECTV NOW offers live Television streaming without having a satellite dish.
What’s the best satellite TV service?
DIRECTV and DISH are the two biggest satellite TV providers in the U.S. By far. Pricing and package options are pretty comparable between the two. DISH stands outside with their Hopper3 DVR that can record up to 16 shows at once. DIRECTV is known for their sport programming, including the exclusive National Football League SUNDAY TICKET.